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Thread: Breakthrough, HIV is Harmless!

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    Default Breakthrough, HIV is Harmless!

    This is the comment from the person who alerted me to the above with which I agree:

    "After only 30 years of intense study HIV-ists have discovered that 10% of HIV positive South African children are not affected by the virus.

    They now also know why, although the HIV drugs allow people to lead normal lives with normal life-expectancies, they suffer abnormally from heart disease, cancer etc - so that's an interesting definition of 'normal life-expectancy'. It has nothing to do with the drugs being poisonous, but the sad circumstance that HIV has permanently 'overheated' the immune system.

    HIV-ists now think that the way forward is to convince the immune system that HIV is not dangerous so that it will not overheat. If only we could convince the HIV-ists of the same thing.

    Lots of other nuggets in this little piece, such as the theory that the HIV-immune African children represent natural selection resulting from co-evolution with the virus. Which begs the question why nobody had discovered until now that HIV has been rampant in the South African population long enough to naturally select for HIV-resistant immune systems, a process that, according to the HIV-ists has taken hundreds of thousands of years in monkeys, but is already being accomplished after a generation or two in South African children."

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    Default Re: Breakthrough, HIV is Harmless!

    Another link:

    and these inconsistent and mysterious conclusions about the immune system:

    "Essentially, their immune system is ignoring the virus as far as possible," one of the researchers, Philip Goulder, from the University of Oxford in the UK, told James Gallagher at the BBC. "Waging war against the virus is in most cases the wrong thing to do."


    Scientists have spent decades studying the roughly 0.3 percent of adults who are able to handle HIV infection without it progressing - known as 'elite controllers' - but their immune systems do pretty much the opposite of these children. Instead of 'keeping calm', they mount an increasingly aggressive attack against the HIV virus

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