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Thread: Gay Youth Conference Needs Dissident Booth (ame-a33)

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    Default Gay Youth Conference Needs Dissident Booth (ame-a33)

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    Default Gay Youth Conference Needs Dissident Booth (ame-a33)

    Dissident Gay Porn Star, Jeff Palmer of Miami and possibly Gay Porn Columnist,  Damon Kruezer of Palm Springs, have committed to meet and greet an expected audience of 600+ gay youth attending the Models In Pride X conference on October 12, 2002 from 12 noon to 2:30pm at Occidental College in Eagle Rock near Pasadena in Southern Calfornia, at the venue of the "DISSIDENT and SAINT" resource faire information booth, providing AIDS Dissident Scientific and Alternative Health information and resources. Both were ecstatic to hear from me when I called and the timing could not have been more perfect with the impending release of Jeff s newest and most controversial video flaunting the safe-sex mantra and mainstream condomania, and have joined the e-group I moderate.
    If anyone else in the area is interested in participating, let me know. 
    Kelly Jon Landis
    Damon has added a link to the International AIDS Dissident Directory on the AIDS Reality Check website which I sent him along with other information, after our conversation and upon reading his recent interview with Jeff and viewing the Jeff Palmer website, one of the most popular gay porn star sites. Jeff s newest release is coming out soon, a barebacker flick called "Jeff Palmer RAW" sure to set off the AIDS Industry. This is one reason they are both interested in seeing the reaction of the AIDS organizations who will also be tabling at Models of Pride.
    Our intent is to respectfully provide AIDS alternatives, information and options to a segment of the gay community now thought doubly at risk [gay youth].
    Selections from Jeff Palmers "SCOOP" on-line journal... [warning: I cut out the parts that are graphic as Jeff is very free and let s say, descriptive, of his sexual life]. 
    issue # 61
    Wednesday, June 19, 2002

    "Is been over 6 months already since i stop taking the toxic medicines that i took for 4 years, and I m more then happy to report that I m feeling better then ever, my shit is hard again, no more skin rushes, stronger bones, no headaches, no more stomach pains, and no more fear, but i keep myself informed about everything, like food and drinks for example, eating just junk food, coffee, alcohol, counter medicines for a long period of time can be the cause for people to have cancer or make you sick in other ways, but not many people knows what is aspartame, high fructose, and a bunch of other nasty ingredients, but thank God for heroes like Bill Maher, and i hope that lots of people keep supporting him like i do by going to, and helping the one so far in television that really really make sense, Ophra Winfrey got close to it, but she is way too commercial, and there also Showtime that put out movies like "Damage Care" explaining the HMO s, but nothing as sick as looking the gay local magazines advertising the evil toxic medicines, and trying to buy people s life insurance, lately i try to stay away from these sad and depressing magazines showing how some fags make money out of other fag s ignorance, is such fucking nasty business, cause anyone who works or perform for an events, foundations or organizations that collects money to buy toxic and put them into the people s body have to have a conscience, if they only knew what are they are really doing, how will they know?, but is not just this stupid HIV virus..."


    issue # 62
    Sunday, June 30, 2002
    "So you may ask yourself how can i practice the so called unsafe sex and not get sick with something, well, let me tell you that is been many years since i ll do it, and i only got sick when i used take medications, and not taking care of myself like i do now, you see, i don t drink cooffee, alcohol, coke, sprite or anything that has chemicals, i sleep really good every night, i stay away from sugar as much as possible, i drink lots of water constantly, i don t do drugs, and pot is not a drug, is a plant created by God) relaxes more then the tee plant, i don t stress myself with fear, i study all the food i put in my mouth, all of these conducts combined creates a strong immune system that fights very easly any possible treath to my only body, but i wouldn t have got all of this information if wasn t that my Lord provided me with the guide i asked for, and AY AY AY for the one who s choice is to underestimate Jesus Christ power."

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    Default Gay Youth Conference Needs Dissident Booth (ame-a33)

    Bros and Sises,
    This was an invitation for DISSIDENT and SAINT to participate in the resource faire for a LGBT[lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered] high school and college age youth, Models of Pride X on October, 12, 2002 at Occidental College in Eagle Rock which is near Pasadena in Southern California. Gay youths are being targeted as a high risk group within a high risk group, gay men, so it would be an important opportunity to get AIDS Alternative information out.
    Well, I turned in our application by Sept. 14 as stipulated to the Friends of Project Ten, a non-profit supporting Project Ten, the respected youth support program to assist LGBT students with staying in school, free of harassment and addressing  the whole host of issues faced by these marginalized youth begun by pioneer Dr. Virginia Uribe within the LA Unified School District over a decade ago. Well, our application to have an information booth was denied. But I do not think we will just sit back and accept this decision. We will pursue the process of appeal to the co-sponsoring organizations to exert pressure upon Models of Pride X and Freinds of Project Ten to have an inclusive resource faire or withdraw their sponsorship, and if necessary we will seek out an Occidental College student organization to sponsor us in a nearby venue on campus, perhaps in line of the pedestrian traffic for those participants of Models of Pride X. We have a celebrity quest and well known gay adult entertainer, Jeff Palmer, who is flying in from Miami, Florida to participate in whatever manner we may be able. One idea Jeff had was to wear T-Shirts and pass out a strip of paper or in news flash format with the message below from Gail Roth, Director of Friends of Project Ten, explaining the reason they denied our application-- because of the conflict of interest with their significant funding base coming from the CDC or the Centers for Disease Control-- and letting gay youth and educators, advocates know  Models of Pride has admitted to preserving Models of Prejudice-- against the diversity of health care philosophy and practise of the LGBT community, in censoring the AIDS Dissident Scientific, Alternative Health resources and information booth. 
    So, we need as many of you to participate in this outreach effort on October 12, at Occidental College as possible. We will not be calling anyone names, touting any conspiracy theories or selling any products-- and if you ve never participated before, this is a good time of the year, National Coming Out Week. Some of you may will be coming out as AIDS Dissidents for the first time publically and THAT is a good thing.
    I will be sending another e-mail shortly with action alert updates and background  information on Jeff Palmer who is already making waves within the gay adult film industry in challenging AIDS Apologetics, the  safe-sex  mantra and condomania. 
    Kelly Jon Landis

      Sponsored by Friends of Project 10, Inc.


    August 14, 2002

    Dear Community Member,

    Models of Pride X is a free conference for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning youth, (LGBTQ) and their allies (ages 14-23). This year?s conference will take place on Saturday, October 12, 2002, at Occidental College in Eagle Rock. The major sponsor of this annual conference is Friends of Project 10, Inc., an educational nonprofit organization that provides education and outreach for LGBTQ youth.

    Your organization is invited to participate in the Resource Fair that will take place from 12 noon?2:30 p.m. We expect close to 600 youth from all over California. Your organization?s participation in the Resource Fair event would provide an excellent outreach opportunity to LGBTQ youth.

    Please fill out the attached registration form if your organization would like to participate, and return it by September 14, 2002. After we have processed your form, we will send back to you a validated registration form. This will be your ticket to enter the Resource Fair area to set up. YOU MUST HAVE A VALIDATED REGISTRATION FORM!

    Friends of Project 10, Inc., is requesting a minimum donation of $25 to help offset costs (includes two lunch tickets and rental of chairs and table), as the conference is entirely free to the participants. Please include a check with the registration form made out to Friends of Project 10, Inc. Completed registration forms should be mailed to:


    Friends of Project 10, Inc.

    MOP/Resource Fair

    115 W. California Blvd. #116

    Pasadena, CA 91105

    Please call (626) 577-4553 or e-mail if you need more information.


    Note:  Materials for distribution should be age appropriate (14-23 yrs.). The Coordinating Committee of MOP X reserves the right to limit distribution of sexually explicit material.

    Respectfully yours,

    Gail Rolf, Coordinator Models of Pride X

    Friends of Project Ten 

    Alice Hom, Advisor 
    ICC and OXY OUT
    Occidental College
    Shumway Marshall, Student Director
    Occidental College
    Eric Peters, Advisor
    Program Board
    Occidental College
    Gail Roth, Director
    Project Ten and Friends of Project Ten
    Models of Pride X Organizer
    Ric Loya, HIV/AIDS Prevention Program Coordinator
    Los Angeles Unified School District [LAUSD]
    Dear Alice, Shumway and Eric,

    Models of Pride X and Gail Rolf of Friends of Project Ten seem to have absolved  themselves of any responsibility in respect for the diversity of LGBTI health care philosophy and practise, in failing to provide any access to tabling at the resource faire for the AIDS Dissident Scientific and Alternative Health critique or challenge of the HIV=AIDS model based upon guidlines set by the CDC, without acknowledging whether they could be wrong. If they are wrong, they are unwittingly participating in the sero-discordant scape-goating of lives and loves. Did the CDC ever threaten defunding of Friends of Project Ten or is that their fear or excuse? Certainly, the dominant, conventional scientific and medical authorities have been wrong many times in the past and many Americans, including LGBTI Americans, Scientists, Doctors, Consumers and Advocates have concluded they are again in regards to HIV/AIDS.

    In our conversations, Gail Roth has not offered any factual basis for her belief in the One, True Hypothesis nor even challenged the Dissident Scientific and Alternative Health critique-- other than apparently relying upon the CDC or the concensus of medical or scientific *opinion.* The same concensus of unsubstantiated opinion and unquestioned belief which enabled the medicalization of homosexuality throughout history from Scurvy [the bug in buggery] to GRID and now AIDS.

    I did not ask Friends of Project Ten to take any particular scentific position, and nor do I think they ought to, other than sexual orientation being neutral. AIDS Dissidents are not anti-gay, but presenting a same-sexually-positive message, preferring to place our faith and hope, absent the burden of proof to the contrary, in immune suficiency and sustainability.

    The fact that Gail Roth and Friends of Project Ten apparently prefer to place their faith and hope in immune deficiency, the notion that gay men are somehow *at risk* based who we love, is a decidely same-sexually negative message. Especially since it appears they are relying upon others statements and cannot defend their position on any factual basis. Either that, or they don t care if Dissidents are right or wrong, since they maintain it would threaten CDC funding of Friends of Project Ten, in which case Gail at least admits, if necessary, they are apparently willing to sacrifice the truth about HIV/AIDS and those lives and loves of LGBTI may depend upon their own determination of that evidence, in order to continue other admitedly worthwile goals of reaching the youth at risk for dropping out, becoming homeless runaway and throwaways, or attempting and/or committing suicide. Models of Pride X will allow religious reconciling groups and others that would not be presenting LAUSD *approved* materials and they clearly must know this-- so to offer this as the standard by which AIDS Dissidents are to be judged and therefore not allowed to have a resource faire booth, is clearly a double standard. It seems the primary reason is a committment to their funding source, the CDC, rather than the health and wellness of all LGBTI youth, if the two could ever be in conflict as they have in the past.

    Ironic for a community who had to think outside the box in terms of love-making and inheritance-giving, now beholden to the scientific and medical concensus, not even allowing for the possibility of being wrong?

    This is an epidemic of arrogance and ignorance and you have demonstrated quite clearly how the infectious misconception is able to maintain itself without any conspiracy, because people refuse to question their beliefs, are not encouraged to or face real personal and professional consequences for questioning AIDS authorities.
    Models of Pride X will have AIDS Apologist organizations at the resource faire, but not one AIDS Dissident organization will be allowed to challenge the One, True Hypothesis.

    It seems AIDS is some new gay religion. Dissent on almost any other issue is acceptable. Gay youth will make life and love-altering decisions based on a non-specific antibody response and will not be told the tests are not licensed to measure or detect HIV infection.

    Sacrificing our community s health and wellness for the sake of medical correctness and scientific censorship is wrong. Either way, it is gay youth who are going to suffer, making life and love-altering decisions based on a non-specific antibody test, given a diagnosis of death and told to expect illness, then prescribed up to 40 highly toxic and experimental drugs. And at Models of Pride and Project Ten they will only hear the dominant, conventional pharmaceutically-based medical models  side of the story.
    Therefore, I respectfully submit to ICC and OXY OUT and students, staff and faculty of Occidental College and members of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered community and the community at large, to investigate our claims and at least support fully informed consent, opposing AIDS censorship and offer your endorsement only for respect of the diversity of health care philosophy and practise of all Americans including those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.
    Specifically, I am formally requesting the ICC and OXY OUT[formerly Gay Straight Alliance-GSA] listed as Models of Pride X sponsors, and any other organizations which might later consider providing support-- to advocate with Friends of Project Ten for the inclusion of an AIDS Dissident Scientific/Alternative Health table at the  Models of Pride X resource faire on October 12, 2002 and/or to consider withdrawing your support, endorsement of that event. This is not a minor issue about the color of the drapes or programatic differences. You may determine if it is to be known as Models of Pride... and Prejudice. I am also requesting a formal response from each of you and your organizations by e-mail or post.
    Kelly Jon Landis
    1317 Euclid St., #9
    Santa Monica, CA 90404

    Original Message:
    From: Gail Rolf
    Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 15:37:35 -0700
    Subject: Re: AIDS Alternatives to be discussed in LA high school

    Dear Kelly,

    After much discussion with members of the committee and running your
    proposal for a resource table at MOP X by the HIV/AIDS Prevention Project
    Adviser for the LAUSD, it was determined that we need to politely delcine
    your proposal for a table for the reasons I discussed with you last week.
    The decision to have workshops, agencies/organizations for the resource
    fair, etc., needs to be run through a committee process.

    I know this is unfortunate news for you--I understand this. We are
    scrtutinized very carefully, becuase we are working predominantly w/lgbt
    youth. For the most part, we do need to adhere to CDC guidelines, regardless
    of conflicting information that exists aroung HIV/AIDS treamtents and
    preventative measures.

    Perhaps you can create your own forum for dissementation of this information
    at another venue.

    Thank you for bring attention to this matter and making the offer to
    participate. It is greatly appreciated.


    Gail Rolf

    > >From: "Kelly Jon Landis" <>
    > >To: "virginia uribe" <>
    > >Subject: AIDS Alternatives to be discussed in LA high school
    > >Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2002 21:45:51 -0700
    > >
    > >Gail,
    > >
    > >This just in-- not sure which High School, though I have worked with
    > >Christine Maggiore who is a colleague of mine in the AIDS Dissident or
    > >Rethinker movement. Her website was one of those I had given you in our
    > >conversation....
    > >
    > >Kelly
    > >
    > >Questioning the HIV=AIDS model is getting into the high schools.
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > >High School Offers Class on AIDS Rethinking
    > >
    > >A private high school in Los Angeles invited Alive & Well to help design
    > >and teach a semester-long course this fall on the importance of healthy
    > >skepticism with regard to HIV and AIDS.
    > >
    > >The philosophy of the school is to inspire students to think rather than
    > >teaching them what to think. Our class activities will include reading
    > >and discussing the book What If Everything You Thought You Knew About
    > >AIDS Was Wrong?, viewing the documentary Questioning AIDS in South Africa
    > >and the almost completed film The Other Side of AIDS, a debate, panels with
    > >medication-free HIV positives from various walks of life, presentations
    > >by holistic medical doctors who reject the HIV hypothesis, and special
    > >AIDS-rethinking guests Nate Mendel of the Foo Fighters and actor Esai
    > >Morales of NYPD Blue.
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > Gail Rolf
    > Project 10 Adviser
    > LAUSD
    > 1320 W. 3rd St., Rm. 34
    > Los Angeles, CA 90017
    > ph. (213) 625-6411
    > fax (213) 977-0916


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    Default Gay Youth Conference Needs Dissident Booth (ame-a33)

    Southern California Dissident Action Alert!

    Dissidents have been denied a booth at a major gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered high school age youth conference taking place at Occidental College in Southern California, though other student groups, such as Students United for Peace, AWARE, and MEChA[national latino/a student organization] have agreed to sponsor our booth, however since it is during Fall break, they are not able to be present and we may not have access to campus on Sat., Oct. 12, 2002. However, we have raised the issue and gotten a lot of buz on the issue among some faculty and staff, both gay and straight, and have determined to peacefully protest outside on the sidewalk if we are not allowed to provide AIDS Dissident Scientific and Alternative Health resources and information. The list of student group contact information was only recently released and this is mid-terms week, and we have been busy appealing the decision by ICC to deny us a booth by the University s Inter Cultural Center and Friends of Project Ten, the outside non-profit associated with Project Ten of the LAUSD, a decade old program of the Los Angeles Unified School District to provide support for LGBT youth. This is the tenth anniversary of this event, though the first time Occidental College has sponsored the event bringing over 500 high school age youth from throughout Southern California. We have Friends of Project Ten and Occidental s ICC to respect the diversity of health care philosophy and practise of all Americans and support fully informed consent of those consumers making potentially life and love-altering decisions based on a non-specific anti-body test. AIDS Apologist organizations will be participating. The reason given by Friends of Project Ten for censoring AIDS Alternatives was their significant funding provided by the CDC. Many gay organizations are beholden to local and state health departments in that they receive funding to provide the medically or scientifically correct approach to what is called HIV/AIDS.

    We are planning for either scenario and ask all Southern California Dissidents to please take a few hours out of their Saturday to help raise awareness of the AIDS Rethinker movement.

    Jeff Palmer, well known gay porn star who recently came out as an AIDS Dissident, will be attending. We intend to provide a respectfully dissenting message opposing: AIDS Censorship, Medical Correctness and life and love-affirming facts challenging the accuracy and validity of the HIV antibody tests, the definition and diagnosis of what is called AIDS as well raising critical questions about the safety and efficay of the chemo-therapy cocktails, drug abuse, latex condoms and lubes.

    Call or e-mail me as soon as possible:

    Kelly Jon Landis
    Santa Monica, CA

    We only have four people thus far committed and request your involvement in this completely non-violent educational effort. If you are not able to attend, please keep us in your prayers and consider asking other Dissidents in the area you know who may be able to attend. Gay youth are being targeted for HIV testing and socalled prevention efforts which place them at risk for who they love.

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