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Thread: BioBran?

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    Default BioBran?

    Has anybody ever heard of this food supplement and ever used it? It seems to make a lot of tall claims, even stating good in vitro (alas, no in vivo) activity against hiv. For the cost, could it be another snake oil product out there?

    Regardless of whether there is hiv in the system or not, I think there is definitely some immune issue (dysfunction or suppression) that needs to be addressed and this product claims to help.


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    Default Re: BioBran?

    Did a lot of immune booster research. This is new to me. Its kinda pricy. I'm on beta glucan. Try it and feed us back.
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    Default Re: BioBran?

    Hi Jee, I have tried Lentin Plus 1000 (from Japan) for two weeks and though my alt doc wanted me to take more, I asked for a cheaper alternative. It costs about $6 for one sachet with a 1,000 mg dose that you have to take 3 times a day! It promises to be an immune booster but I guess you need tremendous amounts to feel the effects. In those two weeks, I didn't feel any immune boosting effect.

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    Default Re: BioBran?

    BioBran is what used to be called MGN-3. It was manufactured by Lane Labs who either had to stop selling it or were forced out of business for making health claims for it which apparently were true. I have a little book called Immunotics which recommends it at 2000-3000 mg. daily. The recommendations (for "hiv") are:

    MGN-3 2000-3000 mg. daily
    NAC 6000-8000 mg. daily
    IP-6 6-12 capsules daily
    alkylglycerol 1500 mg. daily
    vitamin C total of 10,000 mg. daily
    curcumin 1500 mg. daily
    thymic protein 3 pkg. sublingually daily
    colostrum 9 (480 mg.) capsules daily
    garlic 900 mg. daily

    This is in addition to the basic program which includes vitamins and minerals, etc. Of course, we are cautioned to take whatever the doctor orders in addition, but we'll just ignore that in most cases, I suppose. There are some interesting recommendations under hepatitis including quercetin and green tea extract that might also be helpful.

    Google EpiCor and read their interesting story. It is available through Swanson Vitamins for a reasonable price. They also now carry PeakImmune4, which is the same as or very similar to BioBran for $47.92 for 50 capsules. Seems a bit pricey but could be worth it.

    Some things to think about. Personally, I think I'll order the EpiCor and see what happens. IP-6 is also very cost-effective, as is shark liver oil (alkylglycerol). A good turmeric will give you some curcumin, and curry is tasty, so...


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