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Thread: magazine 'Continuum' anyone has info ? (ame-g4493)

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    Default magazine 'Continuum' anyone has info ? (ame-g4493)

    old magazine by hiv denialists , apparently they shut down becouse of  all editors died from aids .
    does anyone has the info on TRUTH story ?

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    Default magazine 'Continuum' anyone has info ? (ame-g4493)

    Yes there were 2 editors, Huw Christie and Jody Wells. Both were HIV + gay men. Wells died in 1996, I believe he was 54. Christie died in 2001, at age 41. It is highly unlikely that either of them secretly used drugs, as some dissidents suggest. It seems more likely to me that like most gay men, their immune systems were overwhelmed by antigens from spermatazoa and from a multitude of infections.

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    Default magazine 'Continuum' anyone has info ? (ame-g4493)

    I remember reading an article of an australian friend of Christie visiting him in London when he was already very sick.

    According to him - if I remember correctly - Huw was depressed and still using some drugs. Am not certain though. Does any one have a reference?

    Also - lets face it - we do not deny the existence of AIDS. but the causative role of HIV. citing christie and wells as evidence that HIV is causing AIDS is simply not factual. They died of AIDS. But we still do not know after all these years whats causing it. it can t be HIV - otherwise the many contributors to this board would be dead too. The overwhelming majority of people with HIV are healthy. and these facts are undeniable.

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    Default magazine 'Continuum' anyone has info ? (ame-g4493)

    This is puzzling because indeed I know dissident HIV + for 20 years or more who are perfectly healthy, and some who fall ill. There are contributors to this board who have died, but that is hardly science. It doesn t prove anything, but it is still an important observation. What I try to do is look at each death and find some risk factors (with the best data I can find). And invariably I find risk factors, past and present, in everyone who falls ill. These are the factors that healthy HIV + people are free of.

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    Default magazine 'Continuum' anyone has info ? (ame-g4493)

    Though many in the orthodoxy derisively call us AIDS denialists, we re actually HIV dissidents.

    HIV positivity has many causes and I suspect that early dissident activists were symptomatic positives. In other words they, unlike the majority of HIV positives, are or were truly sick. Think of it as their sickness causing their positivity, not their positivity causing their sickness.

    The risk factors Matt speaks of are likely in the area of copious drug consumption, fast-lane living, antibiotics, foreign proteins, etc. I haven t seen it mentioned here recently, but west coast clinicians have "anecdotally" observed a meth connection in 100% of cases and Science Daily had an article a year or two ago that claims that meth stimulates HIV antibody production, a property we might be able to use in our battle against AIDS (!!!).

    Now I don t know whose words all editors died from AIDS are, but it would be typical for the orthodoxy to say "all editors" rather than "both editors." Also typical is that HIV and AIDS are so conflated in the minds of the mainstream that for them when someone dies of AIDS, he dies of HIV, therefore HIV causes AIDS. This circular implicit argument is endlessly used.


    Another example of not knowing where the cart should be in relation to the horse:

    I saw a video on dental health yesterday. The expert said that people with plaque on their teeth tend to have plaque in their arteries, so be sure to brush your teeth!

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    Default magazine 'Continuum' anyone has info ? (ame-g4493)

    lolo, I would love to see the magazine resurrected and I d love to be apart of it and not just for [HIV] but for all of the viruses in question as Infectious Myths.Virus Myth has articles on Huw Christie and Jody Wells,but as for mainstream thinking on AIDS/HIV people will viciously call the shots when someone has the phoney HIV diagnosis Then another direct phoney diagnosis is given. AIDS. Technically the CDC has camoflauged the so called banned definition of GRIDS with [MSM]"Men who sleep with Men". My encounters with the mainstream have never made any claims that a HUMAN has ever directly died of [HIV] nor [AIDS]

    "London s Continuum magazine was created in the early 90s by Jody Wells. Huw Christie then took over and the magazine became a unique platform for AIDS rethinkers. Continuum ceased to exist after the death of Huw Christie except for a last on-line edition edited by Michael Baumgartner.

    Joan Shenton has created a foundation to perpetuate the archives of Meditel and Continuum and also helped Sarah Ayech to create a now non-functional www.continuummagazine website. Many articles from Continuum are still available from private archives and other sources".



    "...[HIV]..AIDS is not a disease at all - it is a government program."

    Tom Bethel Hoover Institute researcher.

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    Default magazine 'Continuum' anyone has info ? (ame-g4493)

    Unfortunately, the spectre of dead dissidents like Christie and Wells continues to spread its ugly shadow over message boards like this one. It s reassuring to talk about "AIDS zones" and the power of positive thinking, but the evidence is just too compelling to ignore.
    SOMETHING is happening to certain HIV positives and not others. As far as my research goes, it seems to be related to male homosexual sex and some particular drug uses. People like Duesberg and Maggiore make blanket statements about drug use leading to AIDS, but evidence remains scant; I have known lots of heavy alcohol and drug users during my life, and none of them developed AIDS-like physical situations. Certain drugs like poppers seem to have a specific effect, but for the most part, drug and alcohol abuse do not cause what we generally see in some AIDS patients.
    People like Christie and Wells did not believe in HIV and AIDS. They spent their lives publishing against it. They had access to alternative therapies for health. I do not know how far they took this, but I do know they succumbed to the very thing they denied.
    None of us should have to go through their situation. We need to examine EVERYTHING and start making adjustments if we are to overcome this completely.

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    Default magazine 'Continuum' anyone has info ? (ame-g4493)

    "Also - lets face it - we do not deny the existence of AIDS. but the causative role of HIV. citing christie and wells as evidence that HIV is causing AIDS is simply not factual."


    AIDS is a syndrome, not a disease.

    No common cause (HIV), no syndrome, thus no AIDS .

    What is real is immune suppression. It s causes would fill (and does) the Physicians Desk Reference Book.

    In fact more Jews died in WW2 camps of immune suppression than Zycon B and bullets combined. They, however, did not die of AIDS .

    Hitler missed out on that fine excuse.....shame on him.

    Paul King

    Please get this quite clear...... AIDS IS A MYTH.....period....end of story....etc....etc.

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    Default magazine 'Continuum' anyone has info ? (ame-g4493)

    Paul - do me a favour and not address me with CAPTIONS on.
    its rude and it sucks.

    No where in my post does it say that AIDS is a disease or a syndrome. so please read my post properly before you go off shouting wrong in cpaital letters.

    Secondly - you are starting to sound like the orthodoxy with your "full stop" - etc.

    We all know AIDS is a myth. We all know that the definition of immune suppression is an evolving one as science and our knowledge evolves.

    So frankly Paul - the way you bring your argument forward it not impressive. And I really fail to see how your comparison on Hitler is going to help us - all it does help the orthodox camp associate us with Holocaust deniers. Thats definitely not helpful here.

    I haven;t seen any documentation about your claim that more jews died of immune suppression than of Zyclone B , but I would like to see you back that up.

    Thanks - and please don t bother esponding to this unless you find a way of doing so that is less aggressive.

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    Default magazine 'Continuum' anyone has info ? (ame-g4493)

    As you were, "whereisproof,"

    While I agree that Paul is coming across in a rather heavy-handed fashion - passion for one s cause/beliefs, even one s Science, can bring this out - you are mistaken in your affront. Here is what you said:

    "Also - lets face it - we do not deny the existence of AIDS. but the causative role of HIV. citing christie and wells as evidence that HIV is causing AIDS is simply not factual. They died of AIDS. But we still do not know after all these years whats causing it. it can t be HIV - otherwise the many contributors to this board would be dead too. The overwhelming majority of people with HIV are healthy. and these facts are undeniable."

    You quite plainly state that "we do not deny the existence of AIDS..." Well, er...yes, we do. If you are confused about this, please re-read the entire forum.

    You also state, "They died of AIDS."

    No, this is not possible. Whether or not you wrote the words, "AIDS is a disease," you clearly implicate it as one. AIDS, even as an idea - for there is not a shred of evidence that any one infectious entity is causal for the 40-plus, so-called "AIDS defining illnesses" - is a syndrome. Not a disease, not a disease process. Yes, there are many, many causes for acquired immune deficiency in humans. We can write the long list here, but why bother...we know the list.

    Again, with all due respect for your sensitivities, you are mistaken in your attack on Paul, on the merits. His prose may lack style or tact, but he called you on the carpet with good reason. You would do well to acknowledge this and move on.



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