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Thread: Peter Duesberg To Debate Len Horowitz on Radio Thrus 5/22 (ame-g4171)

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    Default Peter Duesberg To Debate Len Horowitz on Radio Thrus 5/22 (ame-g4171)

    Is HIV a germ warfare microbe as Leonard Horowitz claims?
    Dr. Peter Duesberg will set him straight!

    If you know anything about the bunk the Leonard Horowitz has been spewing concerning HIV being a "bio-weapon" designed by secret germ warfare agents to create an "AIDS virus" you should tune this debate in.

    It will be on George Whitehurst Berry s show Thursday, May 22 at 11:00 am to 12:00 am. You can listen to it online at Network 4.
    You can also listen to the program about three hours later at this site, for the next 24 hours. (click the pink box)
    You can call in at 1-800-259-9231 also.

    George Berry has has many top RA people on his shows lately. Tune in--Call in!

    Horowitz is spreading more lies and fear, he must be stopped!

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    Default Peter Duesberg To Debate Len Horowitz on Radio Thrus 5/22 (ame-g4171)

    The program will air live Thursday May 22nd 11:00 am to 12:00 am right before Alex Jones on Network 4.

    Here is how I explain the HIV=AIDS fraud to 911 truth people who want to learn.

    The HIV=AIDS paradigm works through fear, exactly like 911. If we FEAR Osama Bin Laden as the cause of 911, we can be manipulated into wars and terrible agendas. If we fear HIV, then we fund eugenics programs and feeding toxic DNA chain terminating drugs to poor people, while ignoring the real causes of AIDS, like malnutrition and drug use in the US. HIV is a false flag, government-sponsored terrorism that activates the NWO health control system around the world and is actually a UN/WHO eugenics program in disguise.

    Horowitz is long-time enemy of the real truth about HIV having nothing to do with AIDS. The stories he spreads are lies, and appeal to many of us who still want to believe in the infectious AIDS model, which justifies the 300 billion we have wasted, and the 400,000 US AIDS patients (7 times the number of US soldiers killed in Viet Nam) poisoned by the big Pharmaceutical companies---at huge taxpayer s expense, who then blame HIV again.

    Global Warming works the same way too.

    To a lot of us who suspect the government behind what is going in with AIDS, he provides another man-made fear agenda, and diverts questions about what is really going on. He still has a tremendous grip on the thinking of many people in the truth movement, but we are coming around to him. Even Obama s pastor, Rev. Wright believes these things and quotes Horowitz.

    Here is a letter I sent to Peter Duesberg.

    We have Peter Duesberg and Andy lined up to take on Horowitz this Thursday on George s show!


    A letter to Peter:

    As you may know, Horowitz tried to link you to Gallo and the "special viruses" program many years ago. His entire theme is based on the laboratory invention of "AIDS viruses" He has really stood in the way of many people who have questions about HIV/AIDS, and diverted their attention away from the infectious AIDS fraud, and re-ignited the fear of HIV again with this tactic.
    We are going to have Andy Maniotis as a call in also with you and tag-team him. I believe that Horowitz and his kind have really been a problem for all of us in the way that they have subverted honest questions about what is wrong with HIV/AIDS and the government.
    Here is what Horowitz sounds like in a recent radio interview. Some of what he says about vaccinations we may agree with.

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    From: Jason Erb
    To: Steve Allen
    Sent: Tuesday, May 20, 2008 7:19 PM
    Subject: Horowitz s interview and his ego


    Horowitz s interview with Richard Syrett on May 15 is now up at starting in the second half hour of the second hour.

    The 3rd hour incorrectly refers to the 2nd hour and I emailed Richard about it and he forwarded my email to the webmaster to fix.

    Those vaccination rejection people who knew Horowitz and his family personally weren t kidding when they told you he had a huge ego.
    This is one of the most astoundingly pompous statements I have ever heard anyone make.

    Check out 22:38 into the second hour when he references a CNN segment he contracted to appear in that was never aired and he mused about suing them as a result:

    "Literally my time is extremely valuable. I basically, because of the work that I do intentionally, I value my time at about 12 lives an hour. Because of that it took me at least 6 hours out of my time. Now let s figure out how much is about 60 lives worth?" (Side note: 12 x 6 = 72 not 60)

    Yep, now Horowitz and the "special viruses" conspiracy crowd will have to
    answer to Peter about the slanders and lies they have been spreading.
    The program will be at 11:00 am -12:00 am Thursday (5/22) ET 8-9 am Pacific Time.
    You can hear it live at Network 4
    You can hear it three hours AFTER the livecast at
    George s site.

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    Default Peter Duesberg To Debate Len Horowitz on Radio Thrus 5/22 (ame-g4171)


    I find this site confusing. I have never really listened the radio broadcasts here, but I am somewhat familiar with Alex Jones, who, I had some interest in while I made the ugly transition from paranoia based thought to realism...

    Mr. Horowitz represents the aids to the conspiracy theory crowd. He adds a nice little twist to the overblown hype and says it is a creation by the feds to kill homos and blacks. Every time this theory is brought up, a Congressional allocation of 5 million dollars given to the military in 1970 or so to create a virus is mentioned.

    Honestly, even 10 years ago when I heard the measly sum of 5 million, I realized that there was no validity to this ridiculous claim.

    Of course the truth is a multi-billion sham...and it is far worse than Horowitz s "conspiracy theory".

    Anyway, yes, this show is today. I realize that it is the 11 AM show for some, but in Central time, it looks like it is at 10 AM on network 4 accessible here:

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    Default Peter Duesberg To Debate Len Horowitz on Radio Thrus 5/22 (ame-g4171)

    I was looking for a recording or a transcript at the linked site. Haven t found one so far, but I did find the following document by Andrew Maniotis, whom I greatly respect. It is informative and relatively easy to read: Based Testing.pdf

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    Default Peter Duesberg To Debate Len Horowitz on Radio Thrus 5/22 (ame-g4171)

    Horowitz is such a grand-stander. He started the interview off with a "prepared statement" indicting Dr. Duesberg with the crime of creating hiv. Sensationalist blather. Then, the "moderator" brings in "Dr." Graves, a Horowitz flunky and basically the show was a double-teaming on Dr. Duesberg to attempt to make him appear that he is critiquing the hiv "theory" in order to cover his ass for his complicity in making it.

    However, Horowitz concedes the drugs used to "treat" hiv patients are deadly. Of course, he doesn t concede Dr. Duesberg any ground that hiv is not killing people but rather the drugs, and immediately goes on to accuse Dr. Duesberg of creating "this deadly virus."

    Horowitz and Graves come off hysterical and ridiculous. The steady Dr. Duesberg is not given enough time or space by the moderator to actually speak. There was no debate. Dr. Duesberg was cut off by other speakers and commercial breaks. To an old scientist used to reasoned, methodical discourse, the shrill and absurd accusations of Horowitz and Graves were far beneath his dignity. And Dr. Duesberg maintained dignity for the entire charade even though, that meant his views were weakly represented.

    If the "host" of that roast has a single fair play bone in his body, he will have Dr. Duesberg on by himself.

    The best part was a caller from Texas, "Carly" who congratulated Dr. Duesberg and urged him on, while condemning hiv drugs and saying that there are many "out there" who have been sentenced with the hiv label but who don t take the drugs.

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