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  1. Start drinking coconut milk, coconut water, and if you can, add coconut oil to your cooking. It is considered to be really effective. I can't have it right now because of a probiotic I'm taking that's supposed to interfere with coconut oil. Cut down big time on white rice, wheat bread, basically any wheat products. You will lose some weight in the beginning but if you are eating fair amount of proteins (eggs is a great source) and lots and lots of vegetables, you may stabilize.

    Start taking a very good, high quality probiotic, I've heard good things about theralac and I just placed an order, should arrive tomorrow. The probiotic should have over 10billion CFUs per serving.
    Good luck.
  2. Firstly, start cutting down on all forms of sugar, no soda, no cakes, donuts, I think of them as poison and the cravings have almost gone now. Candida loves sugar and carbs. I have been eating a very high-carb diet for too long, so that's why I continue to suffer quite a bit. Now, I'm trying to switch to low-carb, high-protein diet and you will feel better on it.
  3. Hi Rodham,

    When I had the worse case of candida (at least that's what I think it was) I had a low-grade fever for months. Over the years, as I tried to address candida, and bad effects of hiv meds, that I took for a little while, I would say the fever by itself got better (or gone), but these days my candida appears to be active again as I'm trying to address it, so I feel just a bit feverish when I wake up, but seems to go away for the rest of the day.

    Craving for sugars is a very good sign of candida. And really, if it gets out of control and becomes systemic, then it's really hard to treat it, it causes many many bad symptoms, and in rare cases is life-threatening. Of course, all this happens only because at some point you depleted your good bacteria in the gut, and continued bad lifestyle, diet etc, and so it grew out of control. Candida symptoms are so many that the list can run into a few pages. Thankfully, if you type candida in google, you get a lot of information.
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    Jee, I'm just wondering, do you have fever now with your candida? I think it is candida that is causing all my symptoms: lymphadenopathy, enlarged spleen, fever, body ache, cough that doesnt go away, abdominal pains, craving for sugars. Do you feel sensitive with your skin when it touches your clothing? Can you please share your candida regimen? Thanks.
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