View Full Version : Lynn Margulis in Discover Magazine: HIV can NOT cause AIDS

Worker Bee
April 11th, 2011, 06:39 PM
In its print edition, the April 2011 issue of Discover Magazine (http://discovermagazine.com) features (page 66) a lengthy interview with renowned biologist Lynn Margulis (http://www.geo.umass.edu/faculty/margulis), which contains the following exchange:

Wait -- you are suggesting that AIDS is really syphilis?

There is a vast body of literature on syphilis spanning from the 1500s until after World War II, when the disease was supposedly cured by penicillin. Yet the same symptoms now describe AIDS perfectly. It's in our paper, "Resurgence of the Great Imitator (http://www.rethinkingaids.com/reference/Margulis_Resurgence-of-the-great-imitator.pdf)." Our claim is that there is no evidence that HIV is an infectious virus, or even an entity at all. Kary Mullis (http://www.reviewingaids.com/awiki/index.php/Kary_Mullis) [winner of the 1993 Nobel Prize for DNA sequencing] said in an interview that he went looking for a reference substantiating that HIV causes AIDS and discovered, "There is no such document."

Roberto Giraldo's site (http://robertogiraldo.com/reference/index.html) cites a 2007 statement by Margulis:

From the CDC (Center for Disease Control) in Atlanta I have requested the scientific papers that prove the causal relationship between the HIV retrovirus and the IMMUNODEFICIENCY SYNDROME commonly known as AIDS. They have never sent even references to the peer-reviewed primary scientific literature that establishes the causal relationship because they can't. Such papers do not exist.