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May 6th, 2010, 02:16 PM

Apparently, when George Rekers, Fundie scholar, co-founder of the Family Research Council, and board member of NARTH (http://narth.com/) (an organization dedicated to "curing" homosexuality,) went on a 10-day trip of Europe with a young male companion, he had no idea that the young, good-looking Puerto Rican man that he'd hired at RentBoy.com (http://www.rentboy.com) was a gay prostitute. He was simply hiring help for his vacation, as recent surgery had rendered him unable to hoist his luggage.

In other words, he needed help packing his sh*t.

Honest -- he didn't even know the guy was a gay prostitute until halfway through the trip.

Of course, when it became obvious how ludicrous it was to claim an "honest mistake" when hiring your "bellboy" from a website which features full-frontal nudity, leather and chains, and other obviously gay imagery, Rekers (conveniently forgetting that he'd already claimed not to have known that "Geo" was a gay prostitute,) compared himself to Christ, ministering to prostitutes, publicans, and sinners.

Yeah -- Christ went around paying gay prostitutes to allow him to "minister" to them (one at a time, no less), while they carried his baggage around the Sea of Gallilee.

And of course, when Christ entered a bar, his escort -- ever thoughtful -- was always sure to push in his stool for him.

Rekers is but the latest in a long list of anti-gay Christian conservatives who has been outed. (Personally, I can't wait for Jerry Falwell to be posthumously outed by some gay prostitute (http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=56071202&blogId=411789537). If you're that concerned with the sexual orientation of fictional characters in Star Wars and on children's TV shows, let there be no mistake that YOU are the President whose face appears on the 3-dollar bill.)

Which only goes to prove the point that you can't possibly be as homophobic as these Fundie conservatives are unless your dirty little secret is that your favorite Chinese dish is cream of sum yung gai. When you get right down to it, each and every one of these self-proclaimed "moral leaders" who proclaim an anti-gay message that Christ himself never preached, is nothing less than the pillow-bitingest cocksmoker you will ever meet.

But what to me is the most curious fact in all of this is that these guys are regularly outed by the media, by gay prostitutes, by police who catch them soliciting sex from strangers in public restrooms, and by young congressional pages with whom they exchange sexually explicit IMs on AOL, but to date not one has ever been outed by being diagnosed with HIV or AIDS.

What's up with that?

If AIDS is homosexually transmitted, and those who are most promiscuous are most at risk, then where's the AIDS epidemic among closeted Christian conservatives?

The logistics of the closet virtually dictate that one must be promiscuous. After all, if no one that you know can know that you're homosexually active, then you can't very well go around having gay sex with people you know, can you? Which means, in turn, that you must have sex with strangers. Which means, in turn, that you must seek out sex in places where people go for anonymous sex with strangers, such as public restrooms, glory holes, bathhouses, gay R/T sites, and gay prostitution sites like RentBoy.com.

Which means, in turn, that virtually everyone you have sex with will also be promiscuous.

And yet, where is the AIDS epidemic among the closeted homosexuals of the Christian conservative leadership? By now, the so-called "Moral Majority" should all be dead or dying, and yet not a single one of these closet cocksuckers has ever been so much as diagnosed HIV-positive, much less have any died from AIDS.

Apparently, AIDS is a disease of those who ADmit homosexual acts, not those who COMmit them.

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