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Brian Carter
August 13th, 2009, 02:25 AM
August 12, 2009
A Response to Critics

The Board of Directors of Rethinking AIDS reaffirms its complete confidence in our president David Crowe. Allegations and rumors to the contrary are groundless and completely false. The Board finds no fault with Mr. Crowe's handling of such issues as the 2008 letter to Science or providing assistance to the defense attorney in the 2006 Parenzee case. The recent baseless, ad hominem sniping on the Internet serves no constructive purpose other than to re-affirm the lack of intellectual rigor and equanimity of individual posters. Personal attacks detract from RA's efforts to undermine the toxic HIV/AIDS paradigm. The Board is always receptive to courteously framed suggestions and constructive scientific debate, but in future will ignore unbridled obscenity-laden untruths broadcast on the Internet.

August 13th, 2009, 02:54 AM
In the interest of fairness to all sides in this issue and in accordance with the guidelines imposed by our web site's host, I am happy to have yet another opportunity to remind readers of the myriad of problems associated not only wth Rethinking AIDS "President Crowe" but with the Rethinking AIDS organization in general. All "allegations" were discussed and analyzed in a thread which was deleted on this forum but is now available in archived form at:

AIDS Myth Exposed - Rethinking "Rethinking AIDS" (http://www.tig.org.za/Rethinking_'Rethinking_AIDS'_at_AME.html)

Please be sure to also review Liam Scheff's article "Outing the Dissident Orthodoxy, and Putting the Patient First" which is accessible through the first link in the link above. I will gladly let the readers decide what are the "facts" in these issues, who is "lacking in intellectual rigor" and if this "press release" from the Board of RA addresses the aforementioned allegations. Lastly, in an effort to prevent problems associated with the old thread, I am closing this thread.

Rod Knoll

Yes Rod, In a manor of fairness to both sides is correct. My opening a thread wasn't for discussion, but to tell readers interested in this subject, and we both know there are many people glued it, that RA made a public statement saying, "Allegations and rumors to the contrary are groundless and completely false," something that would be otherwise missing from the archived site. Furthermore, I think that people who would like to know how these allegations are false, could contact the RA group directly. Brian