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June 21st, 2009, 05:54 PM
The federal government has spent nearly half a million dollars to fund a study to find out why some men would prefer not to wear condoms during sex.

Nearly half a million of our tax dollars to learn:

"The physical sensation is simply not the same," Shaw said.

"Also, it's an interruption when a couple is in the 'heat of the moment' where you have to change focus to something decidedly unromantic," he said. "[It's] pretty much the same as if the woman, at the same juncture, needs to jump up, run to the bathroom and insert a diaphragm. It breaks the mood.

Men dislike condoms because they reduce sensation and break the mood. Who knew?!

But, fear not. They're not done.

The second phase will be more laboratory oriented and will focus on "penile erection and sensitivity during condom application."

One of the main goals of the study is to understand the link between condom application and the loss of erections and decreased sensation experienced by men.

Yes, the National Institutes of Health: Leaving no stone unturned in it's fearless search to discover the bleedin' obvious.

Why Are Condoms Disliked by So Many Men? - ABC News (http://abcnews.go.com/Health/ReproductiveHealth/Story?id=7889403&page=1)

June 22nd, 2009, 02:25 AM
Sex is natural. Condoms aren't. Babies don't come out of the womb with clothes on. Consumer culture believes that normal human functions that have existed as long as humans have now require the purchase of products to complete. A couple who wants to be intimate with one another is not going to want some type of phony barrier. Can't these people understand? I'm going to be perfectly blunt here. Just as much as the man wants to feel her vagina, the woman is going to want to feel his penis and not only because it feels good but because it is intimate and normal. Most people particularly homosexuals who I have encountered believe that wanting skin-to-skin contact do not consider it normal. Folks, this is what cultural brainwashing has done to people. The things people hold dear to them, cherish, and place value in are now things to be feared and ashamed of. Those things are replaced with the "need" to surround themselves with meaningless consumable products.