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November 23rd, 2003, 07:28 AM
<TABLE ><TR><TD><FONT size=2><DIV>Neo - </DIV> <DIV>Ok i ll try this again.</DIV> <DIV>I don t know where the first one went - i can understand cellular theory but this posting and doing it right is making me crazy.</DIV> <DIV>Would it be possible for you to ask your Naturopath (the one that went to Bastyr) if he has any recommendations for an alternative doctor (ie naturopath etc) in Philadelphia?&nbsp; Several of us are interested and we have yet to find any in our Neo Nazi city - Philly!&nbsp; We all live in the center city area i think.&nbsp; It would be grand if you could ask him.</DIV> <DIV>Thanks</DIV> <DIV>stephanie</DIV></FONT></TD></TR></TABLE>

November 25th, 2003, 01:21 AM
<TABLE ><TR><TD><FONT size=2><DIV>I doubt that he knows anything about that region, but I ll ask the next time I see him.&nbsp; You should consult with Christine Maggiore at Alive &amp; Well because they maintain a list of alternative providers.&nbsp;&nbsp; www.questionaids.com</DIV></FONT></TD></TR></TABLE>

November 25th, 2003, 02:55 AM
<TABLE ><TR><TD><FONT size=2>Gang:<BR><BR>The following page from the Alive &amp; Well website has lots of links to alternative healthcare associations that may be able to help you find a practitioner if there is NOT one from your area on Alive &amp; Well s own list:<BR><BR><a target=_top href="http://www.aliveandwell.org/index.php?page=healthcare">http://www.aliveandwell.org/index.php?page=healthcare</a>.<BR><BR>Rod Knoll,<BR>Moderator,<BR>AIDS Myth Exposed<BR><a target=_top href="http://www.aidsmythexposed.com">www.aidsmythexposed.com</a></FONT></TD></TR></TABLE>

November 26th, 2003, 04:14 AM
<TABLE ><TR><TD><FONT size=2><DIV>I did a search at my favorite engine on the words "Naturopath Phiadelphia" and came up with a few listings in the area....you might consider trying it?</DIV></FONT></TD></TR></TABLE>

August 21st, 2004, 08:53 AM
<TABLE ><TR><TD><FONT size=2><DIV>Hi Stephanie:</DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV>Not sure if you found a Naturopath yet, but if you find one and s/he has any helpful suggestions for preventing MAC please post them to the board.&nbsp; I d be interested to know.&nbsp; Looking online I found that raw garlic is supposed to kill MAC...and one site mentioned something about Vitamin D.</DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV>Anyway, I d be interested to know anything you find out.</DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV>Thanks,</DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV>Mike</DIV></FONT></TD></TR></TABLE>