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June 14th, 2005, 11:50 PM
<TABLE ><TR><TD><FONT size=2><DIV>Whew!&nbsp; What a project!&nbsp; I ve been working on this&nbsp;rethinker s brochure&nbsp;for&nbsp;just over&nbsp;nine months!&nbsp; This puppy has been through more incarnations than Shirley MacLaine could ever dream of!&nbsp; <A target=_top href="http://groups.msn.com/HEAL-Northwest/documents.msnw">http://groups.msn.com/HEAL-Northwest/documents.msnw</A>&nbsp;&nbsp; The brochure was created in Microsoft Word, so you ll need that to read it!&nbsp; If anyone wants to convert it to a PDF, feel free to do so.&nbsp; I won t have access to Adobe Acrobat for a while, so get in there and <EM>convert that heathen</EM>!</DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV>Anyway, my goal was to create a small publication&nbsp;that anyone could&nbsp;leave in public places to introduce the everyday person, in a non-threatening way, to the dissident movement!</DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV>On the cover, I took an approach of creating doubt in the reader s mind&nbsp;by talking about Dr. Gallo announcing his findings <EM>without due scientific process </EM>and how all funding for finding the cause of AIDS was subsequently cutoff.&nbsp; Clearly, there is a&nbsp;lot more to what created this paradigm, but I tried to just stick to a very basic fact and let the reader find out more&nbsp;on their own.&nbsp; Also,&nbsp;I attempted to open the reader s&nbsp;mind to this "controversial topic" by&nbsp;reminding them that <EM>all science </EM>is up for questioning!</DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV>The main body of the brochure is quotes from various <EM>highly credientialed</EM> doctors and scientists that, hopefully,&nbsp;lend weight to the doubt created by brochure s introduction!&nbsp; I&nbsp;tried as much as possible to pear-down the various (and sometimes complex!) issues about whether HIV is harmless, or "It just ain t there, Junior!"&nbsp; I also tried to use quotes that&nbsp;"touch on"&nbsp;the other various issues (how the drugs kill, not "HIV", what s happening in Africa, why doctors don t say anything about this flawed theory, etc.) that seem to "block" people from being <EM>open</EM> to the information.</DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV>Obviously, there just wasn t room to go into any of these issues&nbsp;<EM>in depth</EM>!&nbsp; So, the second to last panel talks about how there s a lot <EM>more information </EM>available to the reader, if they choose to study it!&nbsp; I tried to briefly&nbsp;discuss the question&nbsp;"If HIV <EM>doesn t</EM> cause AIDS, then <EM>what does</EM>?"&nbsp; The answer may be over-simplified, but I think it logically answers the question, so the reader can "wrap their heads around" this <EM>new idea</EM>.</DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV>The back panel&nbsp;contains all the references.&nbsp; There is much more material available than would fit in such a small space, so I tried to stick to the "basics."&nbsp; It ain t perfect--I realize--but I think it s <EM>pretty darned good </EM>considering how much information I got into such a small space!&nbsp; And that, boys and girls,&nbsp;is why it took me about nine months to write it!</DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV>So, <EM>anyone</EM> is welcome to print this thing off and pass it out wherever you see fit!&nbsp; I did a "test run" at a local coffee shop here in Portland with ten or so copies!&nbsp; They seem to go slowly, so I think&nbsp;people were picking them up a few at a time.&nbsp; Anyway, I hope this is a "non-threatening" way for anyone in Dissident&nbsp;Land to <EM>take action</EM> without feeling like they have to confront someone, or&nbsp;explain the entire rethinker s movement in five minutes or less!</DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV>The original copy&nbsp;will be at&nbsp;the HEAL-Northwest site&nbsp;and&nbsp;will be updated from there.&nbsp;&nbsp;Please understand this brochure is a <EM>work in progress</EM>!&nbsp; So, if you have any suggestions, feel free to make them.&nbsp; Obvoiusly, I cannot accomodate everyone s request--mostly due to spacing and formatting--but I will seriously consider any suggestions and reply to them!&nbsp; Also, feel free to "customize" the brochure on your own computer!&nbsp; If you find there is a book reference you don t like, you can change it!&nbsp; Be careful, though!&nbsp; This is taken from the pre-formatted brochure in Word, so it s kinda <EM>tempermental</EM>...</DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV>Okay, kids!&nbsp; <EM>Please, please, please </EM>use this thing!&nbsp; Step right up!&nbsp; Don t be shy!&nbsp; You can leave it at coffee shops, natural foods stores, or any place that has one of those "community announcement" areas!&nbsp; Let s hit the ground with our very own marketing campaign!</DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV>-Paul Whiting</DIV> <DIV>Moderator of HEAL Northwest</DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV>P.S. thanks to everyone who provided me with invaluable feedback while I was writing this!&nbsp; You know who you are!</DIV></FONT></TD></TR></TABLE>

June 15th, 2005, 07:06 AM
<TABLE ><TR><TD><FONT size=2>I tried to access the document but got a Members Only error message. Anyway to post it somewhere for all to gain access to?<BR><BR>Chris<BR>Co-moderator</FONT></TD></TR></TABLE>

June 15th, 2005, 11:27 PM
<TABLE ><TR><TD><FONT size=2><DIV>Yes, I didn t realize that not everyone can access documents in an MSN chat group <EM>without </EM>being a member!&nbsp; As for posting it where everyone can access it, Kim Bannon indicated she was planning to post it to her website!</DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV>Otherwise, I guess anyone who wants to access it from HEAL-Northwest can join the group (all memberships are "auto approved" anyway), until we can get this figured out!&nbsp; God, I hate being <EM>computer challenged</EM>!</DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV>Also, I could ask David Crowe to post it to his ARAS site.&nbsp; I will send him an email today seeing if that s possible!</DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV>Thanks for your patience!</DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV>-Paul Whiting</DIV></FONT></TD></TR></TABLE>

June 20th, 2005, 08:28 PM
<TABLE ><TR><TD><FONT size=2><DIV> <DIV>Thanks to everyone who s&nbsp;helped convert the brochure to a PDF!&nbsp; It s been <EM>wonderful</EM> to see how many people have taken up the call!</DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV>I hope everyone in the community will feel comfortable <EM>utilizing</EM> the brochure to help get the <EM>good word out </EM>about the rethinkers movement!</DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV>By the way, if anyone out there in Dissident Land can t open the brochure, just email me and I can send it to you directly in either Word <EM>or </EM>Adobe.</DIV> <DIV>&nbsp;</DIV> <DIV>Paul Whiting</DIV> <DIV>HEAL-Northwest</DIV></DIV></FONT></TD></TR></TABLE>