View Full Version : UK dissident meeting report (ame-g230)

January 15th, 2003, 04:59 PM
<TABLE ><TR><TD><FONT size=2>Hi all,<br><br>Just to let you know that Sunday&#39;s London meeting London of AIDS dissidents<br>went very well, especially as it was the first public one in the UK for<br>probably several years. We had nine people in all, with people from as far<br>away as Preston (for those outside the UK, Preston is quite a long way from<br>London) and one attendee present because they were informed by a dissident<br>journalist in Norway. People who attended were a mixture of &#39;activists&#39;,<br>people diagnosed HIV +ve, both, or those caring for others. We had people<br>from a mixture of journalistic, scientific, artistic, managerial and social<br>work professional backgrounds.<br><br>To be a dissident in the current climate you have to be pretty strong willed<br>and enthusiastic, and there was a lot of energy at the meeting, most of it<br>having been pent up for quite some time. As Chair, it was hard keeping the<br>meeting under some sort of control - more like herding tigers. To be honest,<br>many more dissidents than that and there would have been a riot.<br><br>Two major steps forward were taken: There was an exciting merging of minds<br>on a new UK-based organisation which is already under development - the<br>details of which will become public knowledge when progress has reached a<br>certain stage. It looks like providing a solid and respectable platform and<br>focal point for dissident perspectives in the UK as well as a valuable<br>source of information not necessarily availible elsewhere.<br><br>The other is the arrangement of a specifically &#39;consumer&#39; (ie, as opposed to<br>activist) dissident meeting for the 23rd February. More details will be<br>released on bulletin boards shortly with some accompanying leaflet<br>distribution.<br><br>Special mention should go to James and Jonathan for being the hostesses with<br>the mostesses.<br><br>Mike Hersee<br><br><br><br><br></FONT></TD></TR></TABLE>