View Full Version : Fast Track '69-'81

  1. SEX AS CO-FACTOR: Callen, Rotello and Sonnebend on Sex
  2. BOOK: STAYING ALIVE: A personal history by Richard Berkowitz
  3. "CLAP DOCTOR": Dr. Joseph Sonnabend
  4. REVISIONISM: HIV, not promiscuity, the cause of AIDS
  5. VIDEO: The Early AIDS Epidemic in the United States
  6. BATHHOUSE TODAY: The primary place for older gay men
  7. MOVIE: And the Band Played On
  8. BIBLIOGRAPHY: Gay Fast Track (1969-81)
  9. EXCERPT: Gay Sex in the 70's (Orgy)
  10. "The Defacated Waste of a Sacred Human Order"
  11. Gore Vidal -Sexually Speaking
  12. Hep B Vaccine Trial and AIDS: My Talks w/ an Early Patient
  13. Queen: “It was all like a fantasy to see how far we could go”