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  1. Please share your favorite "fun" websites
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  5. Burning man?
  6. How far we've come, how long more?
  7. Hi guys ! Do you know that Bill Gates visits forums.aidsmythexposed.com?
  8. Virgins can give and get STDs too
  9. Ricky Martin
  10. Life boils down to 2 questions
  11. Satire) Sethie the Anarctic Sea Creature Discovered
  12. Yet another Xtian conservative homophobe outed...
  13. Pere ubu
  14. This isn't about AIDS. This is for fun! God knows we gotta have some fun!
  15. Nushawn Williams, HIV Monster, AIDS Man, Comments By John Breeding Psychologist
  16. Turning A World Upside Down
  17. Family Guy - You have AIDS!
  18. South Park - The cure for AIDS
  19. AIDS: The great medical con, explained by David Icke January 12, 2010
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  23. You Got AIDS
  24. Happy Birthday AIDS! (26yrs)
  25. Bad AIDS vs. Good Aids
  26. Andy Kline - AIDS test
  27. Anyone also familiar with 9/11 Dissidence?
  28. Dark Matter and the Density of the Scientific Mind: A Comparison
  29. When donkeys fly
  30. Mano-a-mano
  31. New product from Trojan!
  32. You Can Make Your Own Cartoon!
  33. New Law Would Ban Marriages Between People Who Don't Love Each Other
  34. Collusion of Big Pharm & Government? Rediculous
  35. Weather Denialism - nothing to panic about
  36. Vaccine Zombie Music Video
  37. Smells Like Astley
  38. Paging Dr. DeShong, please pick up the white courtesy phone....
  39. A poll for AIDS dissidents only
  40. Duels
  41. A la Stephen Colbert
  42. Mentos n Coke or Mentos n Beer?
  43. Independent Thinking - Introduction to Haile Gerima
  44. Saturday Late Night Movie - Franz Kafka's A Country Doctor
  45. AIDS: We did it!
  46. Breast Cancer and AZT???
  47. Germ theory!
  48. Remembering Senator Paul Wellstone of Minnesota, Iraq and New 911 Testimony
  49. Metamorphosis: Gregor Samsa's Nightmare (video)
  50. Reading List
  51. The Threshold of Statistical Significance Where Incidence is Small
  52. Government protection from the greed of powerful corporations?
  53. Honoring America's Bravest Except When A Doctor Says No
  54. Death by a thousand pricks
  55. Dr Robert Willner Injects "HIV" into himself on TV???
  56. Where I come from...
  57. Interesting article on religious fundamentalism
  58. HPV shot dilemma: Should gay boys be targeted?
  59. Cholera Vaccine
  60. Chemtrails for what purpose
  61. "The Closer" Head Over Heels (2006)
  62. Cold Cure
  63. Is Obama a Keynesian?
  64. Was the moon landing faked?
  65. New study about us "Deniers."
  66. AIDS Dissidence on the Oprah Winfrey Show
  67. The human cerebral cortex...
  68. New activity record for QA
  69. Happy Birthday Peter Duesberg!
  70. Coming Soon
  71. Pssst -- Hey UKSteve -- Over here...
  72. How do you like my new avatar?
  73. Travis Irvine Libertarian Party
  74. The price of stress: Dan Choi
  75. Surveys & Audits on Health Care Provision
  76. Another fault of Pasteur? A curious but substantiated theory about Bubonic Plague
  77. Laughter is the Best Medicine
  78. And Good Journalism too as food for the soul
  79. Gifts of Wonder
  80. Vaccinations. From their Origins to their Consequences
  81. Montaigner Claims Discovery of DNA Performing Quantum Teleportation
  82. Finding diseases and Microbes
  83. The Story of Susie
  84. Sound familiar...?
  85. Scientific 'Dissidence' is not always a good thing
  86. The Book of Revelation
  87. Scientist proves that humans can use ESP to detect porno
  88. mirror neurons - that shaped civilisation
  89. Zeitgeist: Moving Forward
  90. Greece begin to fight the cartel
  91. The Simple Clarity of a Child
  92. Regarding other STD's ...
  93. electronic prescribing. the real purpose please
  94. Negative experiences can stop painkillers working
  95. Another dead denialist
  96. Movie Trailers and Reviews
  97. Quotable Quotes
  98. The Life of Brian
  99. Happy Birthday computergeek !
  100. The catalogue - an artistic view on Panopticon
  101. Japan
  102. Relax...It's Just Sex (1998) FILM REVIEW
  103. Evangelical shift on gays: Why 'clobber scriptures' are losing ground
  104. Dan Gilbert on common errors in decision making
  105. Obligatory transplantations
  106. Light up the Sky
  107. DDT
  108. WOW: 1,160 calorie burger!
  109. OH HEAVENS! 8 Supermarket Sweets you might like ...
  110. Medical Police State Incidents
  111. Seth's expertise
  112. 6 creepiest things hiding in your dna
  113. Why the DEA focuses on prescription drugs.
  114. Shall you continue using Facebook after this?
  115. The drug-oil Cartel is interweaved with hollywood
  116. Dear God....!
  117. Let's talk about advanced technologies...
  118. A 'Dissident' role model lacking in 'HIV/AIDS'
  119. Mad Cow Disease
  120. The Scientific Debate Forum
  121. Fellow Travelers
  122. Interesting www and doumentary on cancer
  123. COBRA and disability?
  124. Larry Kramer's "The Normal Heart"
  125. Happy 4th!
  126. What would Kennedy have to say about this?
  127. Bathhouse Betty (Bette Midler) passing out "Poppers" - Criminal Action?
  128. My New Avatar
  129. Less Health Care=Better Health!
  130. JFK Assassination
  131. This website is becoming more popular
  132. This comic says it all!
  133. A Plaint
  134. CFS/ME - 'Science' questioning the viral link
  135. TPG and Proof of HIV (Copied from T2T Forum)
  136. String theory and M theory
  137. Material abundance...
  138. Is the current economic crisis fake?
  139. Is Cancer a Scam Also?
  140. Gay Marriage Speech
  141. Dead Porn Stars
  143. Happy new year
  144. Official killings approved and justified
  145. http://itanimulli.com/
  146. The AIDS bio-weapon is but a drop in the genocide bucket
  147. Know of any quality anti-big pharma software developers?
  148. A Conspiracy Nut's Recommendations on CFS
  149. No Need to Panic About Global Warming
  150. The body of Medical Knowledge doubles
  151. The problem with 'beliefs'
  152. Is HRT for women like HAART for gay men?
  153. It's Time to Die
  154. How to argue on the Internet
  155. Foghorn Leghorn Wisdom
  156. Regenesis TV Show Episode: The Truth
  157. Olympics 2012 Conspiracy?
  158. Michael Crichton's death
  159. Google Earth
  160. My thoughts on the Dyatlov Pass Incident.
  161. Gore Vidal Dies
  162. Academic Publishing and Revenue Generation
  163. Warning for drivers, gang violence, crime stoppers.
  164. Two questions: Rabies & IRIS.
  165. Are the Jews behind AIDS
  166. Questioning Lyme Disease - Under Our Skin - Trailer
  167. How much importance do you attribute to 'celebrating'?
  168. Are you too Happy? There's a drug for it
  169. FIV
  170. Questioning FIV
  171. HAYRIDE: Positive thinking as a cure for AIDS
  172. TOO FUNNY: SI Photo of two gay men kissing ...
  173. FIRST DO NO HARM: The medicine man of Jonestown ...
  174. This is no conspiracy. This is the INDECT project.
  175. The God of High Places
  176. the love of a father...
  177. The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan
  178. Re: The psychology of the denial of evidence by the 'HIV'/'AIDS' establishment
  179. Portland Oregon rejects adding fluoride to drinking water USA Today
  180. Homosexuality was a Mental Disorder until the 80s! Gender Identity & Pysch Drugs
  181. Virus killing dolphins
  182. Forbidden Cancer Cures
  183. Have "gays" sold out?
  184. How does someone release myself from setbacks?
  185. Overwhelming scientific evidence
  186. Climate AIDS?
  187. Anti-HBV drugs not efficient in reduction of mortality in HBV positive patients
  188. "The Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy: How the New World Order, Man-Made Diseases, and Zomb
  189. organic acid tests(OATs) and the sex industry
  190. New dengue scam
  191. Stefan Lanka vs David Bardens
  192. Questioning scientific consensus
  193. Indisputable facts
  194. Death Spiral - The Liverpool Care Pathway Palliative Care And Organ Harvesting
  195. Credit where it's due... or not
  196. the truth about cancer....... applied to other diseases as well? absolutely!
  197. Unprecedented Microbial Diversity in the Yanomami
  198. virusmyth only with .com ?
  199. Pathogenic vs Pathogen Viral vs Virus
  200. Is the left FINALLY connceting with people in the USA & UK?
  201. Does anybody know if I can publish a purchased pubmed document on my blog?
  202. Jim West interview
  203. Zika ?
  204. Silver Lining on a cloudy cold and wet winter's day!
  205. Web with free scientific articles
  206. Doctors Used to Promote Smoking